We innovate for the freedom from Epilepsy

We are Mozek Healthtech, a Start Up founded in 2019. Our Core focus is on the development of smart devices that help people detect an Epileptic Fit/Seizure as and when it happens. The proposed Device and App will be able to alert your loved ones/Emergency Contacts/Doctor.

For further development of the device, we require volunteers for testing and verifying data.


Easy Process With Best Features

Skin Temperature Sensor

It is Designed for continuous monitoring of temperature to improve the epilepsy detection algorithm

Stress Management

It identifies your stress levels and suggest you activities to lower it down.

Patient daily assistance

It tracks body vital, medication taking, seizures occurrence and dietary planning.

Mobile Application

It is for every use-case: patients, caregivers and doctors. Made for most of phones using Android or iOS.

Bluetooth Connection

Data is transmitted from the watch to the mobile apps via Bluetooth connection.

Instant alert & Geolocation system

Instant alert sent to caregivers by SMS and by an automatic phone call in case of seizure with patient’s geolocation system triggered.


Certified IP67, the device can be dropped into water up to a meter deep for a half an hour.

Long-Lasting Battery

With its fast-charging batteries, the device is capable of staying alive for 48h straight.


Product Overview

We have crafted this watch with the cutting edge technology to add value in your life.


It is designed with the finest technology to meet customer needs. Top-quality hardware is handled by our highly skilled team.


It follows precision and persistence to provide world-class service to our end users. It uses Electrodermal Activity (EDA) and motion detection for superior accuracy in contrast with current market solutions.


The designed watch is consistent with its high quality and high performance which makes it a trusted and good partner of patients.

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For further development of the device, we require volunteers for testing and verifying data. This will be used to improve our detection rate and reduce false negatives. If you are willing to be part of our Life-Changing Development, please fill the attached Google Form with your details.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of epilepsy is detected by the watch?

It works great on generalized tonic-clonic seizures.

Will the technology of the Mozek Band affect me, if I wear it when I sleep?

No. There is no side effect of wearing the Mozek Band. Mozek Band does not emit any harmful radiation.

Will the watch be water proof?

Yes, It has ip67 standards.

Can the watch detect epilepsy?


Can the regular people without epilepsy can use the watch?

Yes, It has regular smart watch features alike: Step counter, Heart rate monitor, Blood oxygen monitor, Body temperature sensor, Blood pressure monitor, sleep monitoring, stress monitoring.

What technology is used to detect epilepsy?

It detects epilepsy with the jerking movements from the muscles with the help of an accelerometer and reduces the false alarms by identifying the skin conductance. It is thoroughly tested and verified by the community.

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We at Mozek are like-minded people with the single mission to reduce the suffering of epilepsy patients. In this mission we want more and more people to make our efforts effective. If you believe in what we do, Join us now.

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